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Bob Morreale February 1, 2014 Announcements, Upcoming releases, course updates

1-31-2014 The Tuning School Instructor Jason Haynes tuned another world first! Turbocharged C7 LT1 Corvette breaks 800 RWHP, making it the worlds most powerful at 837 RWHP with the Late Model Racecraft C7 Custom Twin Turbo package!

Video here:http://youtu.be/UPBM8K129YY GREAT JOB and Congrats to the Team!



Bob Morreale November 25, 2013 Home Page threads- post here if you want!

Update on 11-14-13 - The Tuning School's 1998 LS1 Turbo Trans AM went 11.32 @ 123 MPH!!!!  

 The best part... We're doing it on 9 psi of boost and...  STREET TIRES!  Nitto NT05 295/35/18 all around. (NOT Drag radials)

 Thanks to a great power curve and our full BMR Suspension letting it all hook and go straight.  

This has led us to embark on a new quest.  We're going to go 10's on street tires.  Watch for more results!



Check out the video of our run on our Facebook page here!



Check out the details of our build here:



November 25, 2013 01:56 PM edit

Bob Morreale October 7, 2013 10 Announcements, Upcoming releases, course updates



 1-31-14 -  The Tuning School Instructor Jason Haynes tuned another world first! Turbocharged C7 LT1 Corvette breaks 800 RWHP, making it the worlds most powerful at 837 RWHP with the Late Model Racecraft C7 Custom Twin Turbo package!           Video here!     GREAT JOB and Congrats to the Team!

12-19-13 - Working together with Late Model Racecraft, our GM instructor Jason Haynes managed to break the Forced induction barrier tonight! 
The first verified successful Forced induction C7 without any "extra" fueling junk on the engine has been done!  The car made 713 RWHP! Check out the Dyno chart and video here on our Facebook page for all the details!!  We're stoked to have accomplished this! Thanks guys!

11-15-13 - We were the first in the 9's!  Tuned with a 150 Shot and let it rip!

10-22-13 - We have exceeded 500 RWHP now with headers and more tuning.  WOOOT!

10-15-13 - We spent all day today working on the tune for the new heads/cam package LMR has installed (stock exhaust).  The results are a solid 40+ RWHP gain to make 470 RWHP!  Check out the video on Youtube by clicking here!


10-7-13 - Working in conjunction with Late Model RaceCraft and Lucky's Speed, The Tuning School has begun the process of research and development of the new ECM in the C7.  We are working to provide our students with the best way to tune these ECM's for Bolt-on, heads/cam and forced induction packages.  

We are actually doing the first tune on the car today.  We have the tune file downloaded and are modifying it as we type.  :)  Stay tuned for results and details!

Bob Morreale July 30, 2013 Announcements, Upcoming releases, course updates

Yes, we do a LOT of fun stuff here at The Tuning School, but we do a LOT of Research and Development too.  We teach a lot of live classes, and support thousands of students worldwide.  We like to share our daily workings on our Facebook page.  You can Like us too!  See you there!  Check us out at  https://www.facebook.com/TheTuningSchool


Bob Morreale September 13, 2013 4 The Solutions Bin... We list the problems and Solutions from past issues.

So this has got to be one of the most challenging problems any tuner will face.  I'll just use our real world example as we ran into it to describe it best.

Our customer provided a 2004 GTO, 5.7L LS1, Forged, Heads, Cam, Headers, F1 Procharger (17 psi), 96 lb injectors, Stalled Auto, 3 bar SD Tune using HP Tuners.

The car completed all our Idle and Part throttle tuning just fine and our fuel trims were within 5 +/-.

When we began to do full throttle pulls, we began with small windows (3000-5000 RPM) to see if our settings for fuel and spark were safe (10 degrees at WOT, target AFR of 11.0:1).

This is where the funny stuff began to happen!

  • The pull begins, and during WOT the Wideband showed 16:1 AFR AND SMOKING BLACK OUT THE TAILPIPES like it's Pig Rich!!!!
  • The Engine COULD NOT overcome 4500 RPM when at WOT!
  • Naturally, we let out of the throttle and added 15% fuel (because our wideband was saying we were lean!).
  • The Smoke from the tailpipes made a Diesel truck look clean.  We're talking BLACK Smoke the entire time at WOT (Not just "puffs")
  • Boost was 8 psi and climbing but still, the RPMs would not overcome 4500 - it just hit a wall.
  • Repeated this procedure 3 more times as we figured it was really lean and needed fuel until we got into the 11's AFR.  Problem worsened!    
  • Decided to stop and review data more closely, as the problem got worse as we added fuel!  Somethings NOT RIGHT HERE!
  • So, we pulled 10% fuel and gained 60 RWHP and pulled to 5000 barely, then hit a wall (improvement), popping along the way.
  • Repeated, but gained only 5 RWHP.   Engine still hits a wall.

So, WHAT Could cause the Wideband to show dead lean but with BLACK smoke showing you are pig rich when at WOT?

I Concluded the customer must have put some bad spark plugs in, or (newly installed) coil packs.  So, we ended the day and waited for new plugs.

Day 2 began with new NGK TR8 race plugs.  What did we find when we removed the old plugs?  

They were gapped at less than .012" ! !! ! ! !      The mechanic insisted his gapper screwed it up, so we went with it.  The new plugs were gapped properly at .030" and the engine worked normally (Go figure).   The problem completely cleared because it could actually light the fuel properly now!  The Black smoke was actually raw unburnt fuel that simply couldn't get burnt because of the plugs being gapped so small.

End Result?...  The F1 Procharged GTO at 17 psi Ended up making almost 800 RWHP and it's now ready to go run some 9's!  

Hope this helps somebody tuning in the future!  

Remember, the problem isn't always in the tune!!!

Bob Morreale